The Diverse Charms of Saga: Discoveries with a Travel Expert

We went sightseeing in Saga City!
Introducing sightseeing spots representative of the area.🌟

Experience Facilities
SAGA Balloon Museum

A spot people of all ages can enjoy – a hot air balloon museum representative of Saga! 🎈

Saga’s biggest event, the “Saga International Balloon Fiesta!” Introducing a museum teeming with history and memories. 📍

Step inside and you’re greeted by a large hot air balloon. Here, you can experience a full-sized balloon, and the sheer scale is breathtaking!

If you head towards the “Experience Zone,” there’s a theater room, a crane game where you can pull a balloon card, and a quiz game for you to take part in. The most popular was the “flight simulation” experience. ✨ By adjusting the triggers on the burner, you adjust the height of the balloon up and down, up and down! Try steering yourself close to the target and dropping a sandbag on it, but heads up, it’s difficult! (Ours landed pretty far off.) 😖

After you’ve walked around, don’t forget to head to “Saga Cobo”! In addition to Saga’s famous specialties, they have cute balloon keyholders, mugs, and more that you can only find in the Saga Cobo shop!

Children will also find themselves having a great time here, so please drop by to experience hot air balloons! ✨☺️


Chikugo River Lift Bridge

One of the symbols of Saga City, Chikugo River Lift Bridge connects Saga Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture.

The Chikugo River Lift Bridge was used for the crossing of the former National Railway, Saga Line.

However, as the railway closed in 1987, it was opened as a pedestrian bridge in 1996. At the time of its opening, it was also registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property, and then in 2003, it was registered as a National Important Cultural Property.

The Chikugo River, which connects to the Ariake Sea, has a large tidal range, and during full tide, the water level changes dramatically, and the bridge reaches approximately 23 meters high. When we went to the area, the people in charge of the bridge operated to lift its center part up to the top! The large sounds may be frightening, but watching the bridge rise before you is a sight to behold. ✨

Halfway through the bridge marks the border of Saga and Fukuoka Prefectures, so this is quite the photo spot! 📸☺ At night the bridge is lit up, allowing you to enjoy both a day and night view! Feel the air of local familiarity around you and relax while you walk. 🌟


Traditional Brocade
“Saga Nishiki” experience

Experience Saga’s traditional craft known as Saga Nishiki! The Japanese architecture is also a must-see. 👀🌟

At the Old Fukuda Residence, you can experience the tradition of the “Saga Nishiki” brocade. The building was built in 1918, and it still retains the Japanese-style architecture of the time.

Inside, you’ll see craftspeople who have inherited the Saga Nishiki technique carefully weaving pieces one by one. It appears that due to the meticulous work required in weaving Saga Nishiki, which was used for kimono belts in the old days, only a few centimeters of it can be woven per day!

Weaving it is much more difficult than it looks, but rest assured that the craftspeople will carefully teach you how to do it. In addition to the weaving experience, you can also try your hand at making key chains. 🌟 You can choose your favorite pattern for your key chain, and they make great gifts too!

There are also many cute business card holders, brooches, and accessories made by artisans for sale! Each one has a different pattern, so you might have a hard time choosing. 💡😚

How about buying matching Saga Nishiki pieces for your friends and family? ✨


Hizen Tsusentei
Sencha Tea Experience

The first place in Japan with sencha was Saga? 🍵
Let’s learn about the history of sencha! ✏

Because of Saga's proximity to mainland China, the culture of tea was introduced here early on. Tea has long been consumed in Saga City, as proven by the fact that the tea seller who popularized sencha tea in Japan was a native of the city.

Hizen Tsusen-tei, which teaches visitors about the history of sencha, offers a sencha tea experience! You can enjoy tea and Japanese sweets as a set, and they will teach you how to drink the tea. 👍 The first cup is refreshing, while the second cup is a little rich and bitter.

Finally, you’ll learn how to eat the tea leaves by pouring kombu dashi (kelp stock) over them, enjoying them without leaving any behind. 🍵⭐️ The tea leaves are quite delicious. 🍴

After learning about the history of tea and experiencing the culture for yourself, your interest in this Japanese tradition can only increase! Please enjoy Saga's tea when you visit. 🍵🫖

They also exhibit other specialties of Saga City, so you can really feel the city’s charm. ✨ It's a great place to stop by and relax during your trip!


Izakaya Restaurant
“Sagan Daichi”

Get your fill of Saga’s dishes at Sagan Daichi, which is brimming with them👍🍴

At “Sagan Daichi,” an Izakaya restaurant filled with Saga’s charms, you can enjoy local cuisine and dishes using local ingredients. 🍴 The menu offers a wide variety of Saga beef dishes such as Saga Beef sushi and roast Saga Beef! The menu looks mouthwatering in itself, but wait until you see the real thing! 🤩

Also, at 8:00 pm, the chef makes “salted rice balls” to the accompaniment of festive music! The rice balls made with freshly cooked rice from Saga, cooked in an earthenware pot, taste amazing! They’re a must-try. 🌟👍📍 You can also try “Godofu,” Saga's famous tofu with a sticky texture!

There are many counter seats, but tables are also available so you can go alone or with a large group! There’s also a wide selection of Saga's local sake, so it's fun to drink different ones and compare! 🍶


Furuyu Onsen ONCRI

Stylish accommodations surrounded by nature! It’s time to relax 💡

Feel the nature of Saga at the stylish “Furuyu Onsen ONCRI” deep in the mountains of Saga City! 🏠👀

Furuyu/Kumanokawa Onsen is characterized by its warm and slightly tepid water, and the baths are popular among both men and women, regardless of age! ☺️

There’s much to do inside the hotel as it has a restaurant, children’s area, and store, all with a quiet and elegant atmosphere. ✨ Children can play safely in the enclosed children’s space with the many toys and picture books. ☺ The store sells Saga specialties, such as tea, local sake, and pottery, and much more. 🧺

You can choose which room best suits your needs from the many types, including Japanese and Western styles, and even a detached house. Choose to travel with family, friends, or even by yourself!